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Jerry Moon



    Pastor Bohr was born in Wisconsin but grew up in Venezuela and Colombia where his parents served as missionaries for over thirty years, and where he met his wife, Aurora. His heavy speaking schedule has taken him around the world. With a BA, MA, and MDiv, from Andrews University, his life passion is the study of prophecy and teaching others to seek the hidden gems throughout scripture.

    In thirty three years of denominational work Pastor Bohr has served as a local church pastor, university theology teacher, conference youth/Pathfinder director and ministerial secretary and evangelist. Twice a year he teaches the class "Foundations of Seventh-day Adventist Theology" at the Amazing Facts College of Evangelism. He is also fluent in Spanish, and has a variety of topics available in both languages and is best known for his ground breaking series Cracking the Genesis Code, which is a result of 14 years of in-depth study.

    In addition, Pastor Bohr has authored six books: Worship At Satan's Throne, Hidden Sabbath Truths, Prophecy's Dr. Jekyll & Mr. Hyde, Taken or Left?, Futurism's Incredible Journey, and Esperanza Para el Planeta Tierra. Stephen and Aurora have two children. Stephen is the technical director for Secrets Unsealed, and Jennifer lives with her husband in the Napa, CA area.

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